Our mission is to provide comprehensive wealth management services to guide you into your financial future.
Trinity Financial Advisors is a fee-only financial planning and investment management firm.  We provide financial planning and investment management services on a fee-only basis that is not contingent on the purchase or sale of any financial product.  Therefore, we maintain total objectivity and suggest the course of action that is best for you.
Our business philosophy is based on objectivity, fairness, full disclosure, confidentiality, integrity, honesty and professionalism.  We measure investment performance against the proper benchmark and monitor and report performance on a semi-annual basis.
Through our comprehensive planning process, we get a precise view of your entire financial picture. Then, with all of the information at hand, we recommend a plan and investment strategy custom-tailored to your needs.

Our goal is to chart a path for our clients to attain their financial dreams. 


Trinity Financial Advisors, LLC, Financial Planning Consultants, Chicago, IL


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